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Infinite Power is your reliable source for power transmission solutions for industrial and mobile equipment. Infinite Power is an official DISTRIBUTOR of Eskridge Inc. for gear drives, drive heads and brakes.

We understand your desire to engineer a cost effective solution to your most demanding applications. We offer:

Custom-Engineered Solutions versus a preselected catalog

Drive Component Manufacturing – gear box mounting, shafts and gearing

Component Sourcing for hydraulic and driveline components

Eskridge Gearboxes, with planetary wheel drive, swing drive shaft drive and brakes

Applications include aerospace, agricultural, construction, demolition, industrial, marine, mining, oil & gas, soil stabilization, transportation and utility.

Custom Engineered Solutions

Our engineering team will create the optimal cost-effective solution for your application:

This includes application review, preliminary design, detailed engineering, prototype development, assembly drawings, and 3D CAD models.

As an extension of your engineering team, Infinite Power will help streamline designs and simplify the complex to optimize your power transmission applications.

Custom-built drive components

• Gearbox mounts, torque arms, component shafts and bearing mounts.

Component Sourcing

Globally-sourced power transmission components:

• Hydraulic components: pumps, motors, controls, fittings, valves, hoses

• Driveline components: bearings, couplings, seals, belts, chains, fasteners

Eskridge Gearbox

Eskridge gearboxes and brakes are engineered and manufactured in the USA. We provide our customers with over 40 years of experience, market segment leadership, custom drive solutions, rapid leadtimes, and exceptional quality standards.

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