Our custom-made components include, but are not limited to:

• Involute and spiral gears (DP20-DP2, m1.0-m12.0, Ø20-Ø500, within 500mm long)

• Ring gears (Ø150-Ø2000, m1.0-m12.0 or DP20-DP2)

• Worm gears and shafts (gears: maximum Ø500 mmx m8 – shafts: maximum Ø300 x 1000mm)

• Input and output shafts (splines can be customized per ANSI-AGMA or GB/T specifications)

• Spacers

• Other components as identified

Upon request, we can also manufacture gauges and tools, such as:

• Spline ring gauge

• Width gauge

• Gauge block

• Caliper gauge

• Other special tools or fixtures

When you provide your expected performance requirements, we will optimize the design and give you a turn-key solution for your application.

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